Join me on my journey

DAY 1: (6 APRIL) – Starting out: an alternative to spreadsheets

While others buckle down to tax returns, I’m embarking on a visual tour through nature.

One photo (or two) a day, for a year. Something new discovered or observed each time. It’s an excuse for mindfulness. For noticing the silent cycle of the natural world that I’ve so far taken for granted.

All photography is my own. Copyright Jenny Rivarola.

DAY 2 (7 APRIL) – Grey Willow with male catkins (Exeter)

It took me ages to identify this. Also know as common sallow. Could it also be goat willow (great sallow)?

A filter through which to watch my stepgrandson play in rugby under-10s.

DAY 3 (8 APRIL) – Forsythia clinging on at season end (Farnham)

The beautiful starlets of my childhood.

Named after 18th century Scottish botanist William Forsyth.

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