Bitter sweet

DAY 22 (27 APR) – Seville orange (Jerez airport, Spain)

A fitting subject for a farewell photo. The Seville orange is iconic in these parts.

Oranges were introduced to Al-Andalus by the Moors. The trees with their sweet-smelling blossom line the streets of Seville and many of the towns in this region. Visitors wonder why fallen oranges are often left to rot here. It’s because they are too bitter to take home and eat, but do of course make excellent marmalade.

Behind the orange tree, I couldn’t help noticing the flags on top of the departures building. Spain on the right, Andalucia in the middle, and Europe proudly displayed on the left.

2 thoughts on “Bitter sweet

  1. We made (a vast quanity of!) excellent marmalade a few years ago after my stepdaughter and her now-husband raided a street tree in Seville and returned to London with a holdall full of fruit. I supposed it may have been pretty polluted, but still tasted very good!


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