Suburban street art

DAY 41 (16 MAY) – Rowan tree (Sorbus aucuparia) (Greater London)

Hmm. Had the feeling today when I discovered this tree in a suburban street that I’d found it at the wrong time of year. After the white flowers and much too early for the bright red berries which, in autumn, will be loved by blackbirds, thrushes and redstarts.

Perhaps that’s true of many trees. Summer will be the in-between time when we have to lie back and admire the foliage…

I did like its mimosa-style leaves flickering in the breeze and the silvery bark was beautiful as it caught the late afternoon sun.

The rowan was once widely planted by houses to protect them from witches. And its Celtic name ‘fid na ndruad‘ means Wizards’ Tree. I’m looking forward to the autumn magic.

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