Herb confusion

DAY 52 (27 MAY) – Cuban oregano (Plectranthus amboinicus) (Vejer, Spain)

For a brief moment I thought this was French lavender. But of course it wasn’t, not with these very long stems and succulent leaves. Close up it reminded me of one of those personalised fans or, well, I don’t know…..

Just as I was photographing it a man with very few teeth came up and told me it was “orégano italiano” – used to ward off mosquitoes.

Apparently it tastes like oregano but with a sharp mint flavour – and it smells a bit like thyme.

My research came up with Cuban oregano. To confuse things further, it’s native to Southern and Eastern Africa but widely found in other hot countries (presumably like Cuba). Spain was its entry point to Europe – hence it is also known as Spanish thyme.

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