Balcony wisdom

DAY 60 (4 JUNE) – ‘Gitanillas’ (Pelargonium peltatum) (Vejer, Spain)

Geraniums – as the uninitiated sometimes call these red or pink flowers that decorate Spanish balconies – are more correctly pelargoniums – in English, at least, (or rather Latin).

But as the neighours in Spain and my favourite garden centre keep reminding me, you have to choose the right ones, depending on whether you want them to trail through your black wrought iron railings or stand upright.

The upright ones are just called geranios locally. These have slightly more yellowy leaves that are velvety to touch. But for trailers, it has to be gitanillas (little gypsies), whose leaves are a bit darker, more ivy-shaped and very solid like succulents.

So next time your walk under a Spanish balcony, you’ll know which is which…

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