Emerging beauty

DAY 78 (22 JUNE) ā€“ Bear’s breeches (Acanthus mollis) (Farnham)

I wonder if these might be at their most beautiful now, just before flowering? Love the subtle creams, mauves and pinks of the scallop-like buds against the chunky green stalk.

Usually flowering in July and August, these bear’s breeches (no idea why so-called) are native to the Mediterranean – but they look happy enough here in Surrey. Apparently they require especially large bees or bumblebees to push their way into the deep folds to find the nectar. So expect some pictures of those if I’m lucky…

These were a challenge to photograph, planted right next to an overflowing litter bin in a public park. So I had to shoot them against the sun to show them off against the black.

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