Drain gain

DAY 80 (24 JUNE) – Million bells (Calibrachoa) (Farnham)

This could be the prettiest drain in England. It’s a mystery how these bright flowers arrived and seem to thrive here. They look a bit like petunias but I think petunia petals are more pointed and their leaves not as narrow as these.

So I’m going for calibrachoa, which resembles the petunia but the pictures I found match up better. It’s native to Brazil, Chile and Peru and named after Mexican botanist Antonio de la Cal y Bracho. My favourite thing about calibrachoa is that it attracts hummingbirds.

OK, so more likely to be petunias, but I don’t care…

PS I’ve been doing this blog for as long as it took Phileas Fogg to go round the world. Time I expanded my horizons…

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