Buenos días!

DAY 92 (6 JULY) – Oleander (Nerium oleander) (Jerez de la Frontera, Spain)

Well it’s not Gatwick is it? I love that you can step off a plane here straight into an oleander tree. In fact a long row of them.

Oleanders, or ‘adelfas’ as they are called in Spain, also run almost the whole length of the central reservation of the Seville to Cadiz motorway. They are not especially beautiful. But they are flamboyant, loud, honest and cheerful – a bit like the Spanish people (though of course many of them are beautiful too).

Oleanders are also toxic. The name is thought to derive from the Greek words ‘oliyo’ (I kill) and ‘aner’ (man). But they have been cultivated for millennia, especially among the civilisations of the Mediterranean basin.

Final thought: aren’t small airports wonderful?

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