Sociable snails

DAY 112 (26 JULY) – Mediterranean coastal snail (Theba pisana) (La Janda wetlands, Spain)

I returned to the La Janda wetlands to observe the wonderful variety of birdlife… and got distracted by these snails. They like to attach themselves to tall grasses and don’t seem to care how crowded it gets.

There they bask, blissfully unaware they are a very popular tapas disk in these parts. But when I started reading the local recipe, I vowed never to try them. It starts something like this:

  1. Put the live snails in flour so they can clean themselves thoroughly inside
  2. Wash them 4 or 5 times with water and vinegar, then again with water so that they release all their mucus and dirt
  3. Boil them alive, until their heads pop out and they are truly dead

I’ll just stick with gazpacho.

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