Wall mantle

DAY 178 (30 SEPTEMBER) – Buisson ardent (Pyracantha coccinea) (Farnham)

Doing this blog during autumn is absorbing in a different way from summer. There is far more colour. Summer was predominantly green. But more than anything I am enjoying the changing forms and the haphazard style of nature’s compositions.

Some leaves, still a minority, are becoming crispy. Fruits and flowers are beginning to turn in on themselves. And there’s an untidiness in everything, a lack of order, that is often photogenic.

Take this buisson ardent (French for ‘burning bush’). Some of the fruit is still firm but there is rotting around the edges. And in the second picture a dying leaf hangs carelessly across, caught in a spider’s web.

According to the oddly named website Pollen Atlas, this plant likes “evergreen woods clearings and sunny hedges”. What a lovely image. But I’ve only ever seen it hiding ordinary walls.

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