Oklahoma delicacy

DAY 182 (4 OCTOBER) – Hearts of Gold (Cercis canadensis) (Farnham)

One of the joys of doing this nature blog is that occasionally someone comes up and starts a conversation when I’m taking photos. Today a lady passing by said “Oh, I love that tree! I watch it all the year round”. It was difficult to do it justice, but the disc-like leaves fascinated me. They were delicate, and hanging sparsely like decorations.

I discovered the leaves begin pale yellow in spring, become yellow-green in summer, and turn to a richer golden yellow in autumn. Apparently there are crimson, pink or white flowers in spring – I missed this completely. But I think I might prefer it just understated, as it is now. And with the odd dead leaf too.

Oh, and it’s native to the eastern half of North America – and the state tree of Oklahoma.

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