Just showing off

DAY 195 (17 OCTOBER) – Passion flower (Passiflora caerulea) (Farnham)

Who on earth designed these? Presumably all nature is arranged for a purpose… This flower is one of many that weave through the hedge of a particularly flamboyant friend. It does seem just right for him.

The Japanese call it clock plant because apparently there are 12 petals and they think the other parts look a bit like a winding mechanism. My mother said ‘steering wheel’ and I think I’m more with her. Elsewhere it is known as flower of the five wounds, which I think may be a religious reference, as is passion flower – referring to Christ.

Apart from making a tea used for stress, anxiety and insomnia, I’m surprised to learn the fruit is edible but – wait for it – bland. Ridiculous!

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