Bird paradise

DAY 210 (1 NOVEMBER) – Jackdaw (Corvus monedula) (La Janda wetlands, Spain)

This is the one time in my blog that I can’t take credit for having taken the photo myself. Spent a morning at the magnificent La Janda wetlands with an ornithologist. The only way to get good photos of the birds using my iPhone was via his telescope.

I love how he captured this jackdaw (which I did see with my naked eye, by the way) against a background of mist. They weren’t known in Cadiz province until the 1960s.

Among many others, we also saw: bald ibis, common buzzards, little owls, marsh harriers, spoon bills, white cranes, storks, a night heron, egrets, a crested lark. It was just thrilling.

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